ACE + INDIGO is a premium underwear company, based in Phoenix, Arizona, that gives men from all walks of life a fresh start.

With decades of experience in underwear retail, the founders of ACE + INDIGO set out to create a premium line of underwear that melds perfect fit with the world’s most comfortable fabrics. The result is a line of super sexy, comfortable underwear, that’s sustainably produced and gives back to the community.

With every order purchased from our site, ACE + INDIGO provides a local charitable organization, The Phoenix Rescue Mission, with a pair of underwear for men in need at their shelter. When you buy our underwear, you are helping create real and tangible change in another person's life.

ACE + INDIGO's obsession with the best fabrics and expert manufacturing led to a partnership with a specialist factory in Portugal to manufacture their underwear collection. It is important for ACE + INDIGO to choose manufacturers that produce ethically by providing their employees with fair wages and excellent working conditions that they rightfully deserve.

The micro modal fabric that we use in our ACE + INDIGO underwear is knit with an extra fine and soft Lenzing yarn from Austria. This signature silky fabric is derived from Beechwood trees: a natural and replenishable raw material that is kinder to the planet. It uses less water and produces a greater yield per acre than cotton, and is also biodegradable.

At the end of the day, who really wants to wear nasty synthetics or pesticide-laden fabrics right next to their skin when you can choose soft, sustainable and biodegradable underwear from ACE + INDIGO?

All materials used to package your ACE + INDIGO order have been recycled before and can be recycled again. Your purchase from ACE + INDIGO is a responsible alternative to other clothing brands that fill landfills with one-time use packaging and apparel that never biodegrades.

We hope you enjoy your new underwear, and we thank you for your support of ACE + INDIGO.