Seth Falk: Entrepreneur • Activist • Model

You may recognize Seth from Canada's DragRace as one of the lucky fellas to be on the PitCrew and now gracing the front page of our website in our Plum Brazilian Brief and Blue Boxer Briefs. At Ace + Indigo we are all big fans of RuPaul's DragRace, so we were pleased to find out that Seth was all for showing off our underwear. It started out with finding Seth on Instagram, but then it lead to discovering so much more about Mr. Falk. As someone who has a passion for animals and educating others about various exotic species, Seth's entrepreneurial nature took over to create Hands On Exotics. It's not only a sanctuary for rescue animals, but his goal has always been to keep the animals engaged by visiting children and the elderly to provide an in-person educational experience. This in turn, has lit up many individual's lives and educated them on the special needs and care it takes to have these animals. As Seth has mentioned, COVID hasn't been an easy time for Hands On Exotics. It not only impacted our lives and the way we live day to day, but the animals' lives as well. Follow the link to Seth's GoFundMe page to learn more on ways you can help or even share his story with others. 




Weight: 185 lbs.

Eyes: Brown

Zodiac signLeo

NationalityCanadian (Swedish/Danish) parents

Favorite colorTurquoise

Favorite food: Raisins

Favorite drink: Ginger Beer

Favorite TV showRuPauls Drag Race, The Sinner, Little Fires Everywhere

Favorite movieThe Fault in Our Stars, Tree of Life, Evil Dead

Favorite book: Eat, Pray, Love

Favorite music genreNew Country

Favorite motto: "This too shall pass."

Emoji that best describes you: Any animal emoji. 🐆🦔🐢🦥🦒🦜🦚🐅🐘

How did you first get into modeling? I usually work behind the camera at photoshoots and movies as an animal wrangler, but Canada's Drag Race had me in front of the camera which has given me many modeling opportunities since.

Is modeling your main gig at the moment, or do you have any other endeavors that you’re going for? My main gig is looking after the approximately 100 animals I have at my facility. This has been especially challenging during COVID.

Besides ACE + INDIGO, what is your dream modeling gig? My dream modeling gig would be to work with anyone from the show 'Legendary'!

What interests you most about modeling? I really like the excitement of meeting a new person and opening up in front of the camera and love seeing the finished product, it's really exciting.

What and/or who inspires you most as a model? I love androgynous models who model clothes period and also love when the photo is also a piece of art or something brand new or exciting.

How do you prepare for a photoshoot? Fresh hair cut, coconut oil, Caramel Ribbon Frap.

How many times a week do you work out and what’s your favorite routine? I’ve been to a gym twice in the last 6 months, we are on lock down here so gyms are closed. I have not been doing at home work outs but I am active at work lifting large tortoises and kangaroos. So it’s a “Jungle Gym” of sorts.

What do you like about ACE + INDIGO? What’s your favorite pair of ACE + INDIGO underwear? Your Brazilian brief is hands down my fav and most comfy pair. I like how its eco-conscious. That’s really important for me to enjoy any product especially when teaching about the environment is my full-time job. Along with it being biodegradable, it's amazing and it always feels good knowing that a pair is being donated to a charity as well.

If you were stranded on a deserted island, who would you be stranded with, and with what three items? My best friends Shivonne and Rachel – our three items would be a magnifying glass – a knife and a really good mattress. I watch a lot of "Naked and Afraid", I got this!

A moment where you felt the proudest of yourself?  I feel most proud when I’m working with terminally ill children 1 on 1. Knowing that I get to make the last few days of their lives be a little more joyful. You can’t ask for or feel anything more magical. Money can’t provide you with these feelings of pure joy and elation. I get to experience this a few times a week and for that I am truly blessed.

Where can we find you on the web?

IG: @sethefalk


IG: @Handsonexotics


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