First Donation to Phoenix Rescue Mission

Hello everyone! 

We got to make our first donation of fifty-six pairs of underwear to Phoenix Rescue Mission. All thanks to you guys and for believing in our product since we launched. Every order converts to one pair of underwear to give a man a fresh start to his day at the Phoenix Rescue Mission shelter. 

After talking with Tom he let us in on how diligent the community of Phoenix works to support those in need. Over the Holidays they were able to reach their goal of food donations during their Thanksgiving food drive. This really helps the shelters of Phoenix Rescue Mission since up to 160 men can be housed at the shelters. However, hygiene products and undergarments are amongst the most in-demand items to have at a shelter at all times. 

The Phoenix Rescue Mission not only gives those in need a place to stay, food, and clothes but a way to jump-start their lives again with Christian geared programs. Whether someone is struggling with addiction, or simply found themselves in a difficult situation of being out of a job and losing their home. Each program has a way of reigniting hope and determination in each individual to move forward in life and have a fresh start. 

The organization is transparent on where their funding goes to and has been growing since 1952. If you find yourself in a good place in life and feel like you need to give back. Shelters can always use essential items such as lightly worn clothing, hygiene products, undergarments, even packs of water and non-perishable foods. Or if you wish to volunteer, you showing up and caring about a group of individuals creates a major impact as well!

To see more of what the Phoenix Rescue Mission does for those in need and ways you can help visit their site here. If you're looking to find reputable shelters and organizations to donate to or volunteer in your area visit to find a shelter near you. 

"Everyone Deserves a Fresh Start."



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