Finding the Right Bodysuit

About three years ago, I ordered my first bodysuit online. I’d always wanted to try them out. I love seeing them on my girlfriend and felt they’d be fun to wear.  And that first one I got was fun to wear, but it wasn’t really the right fit for me. It had spaghetti straps, which I don’t think was the right look or feel on me, and it didn’t feel substantial enough across the chest.

A year or so later I tried out a different bodysuit – a different designer and fabric. This second one was a thong, which I really liked, but the sides and the chest had an extreme, deep cut that I didn’t really like; I didn’t feel supported or contained by this suit, and while I liked the thong, in the end, this second one didn’t really do too much for me.  So like my first bodysuit, this second one just got worn a few times and was chalked-up as a disappointing experiment.

A few weeks ago, I decided to give bodysuits one more chance and got the new Men’s Bodysuit from the upstart designer Ace + Indigo.  And now I can finally say that I love wearing a bodysuit!

The real distinction in this bodysuit for me is the cut.  I love the racerback straps across the shoulders and chest.  It feels comfortable and supportive, and also substantial enough that I would feel comfortable wearing it as a “shirt.”  I also love how it feels down below too. I don’t feel the snaps at all, and I like the feel across the chest, I feel supported and comfortably tugged in.

Thinking on all three of the bodysuits I’ve tried, I can offer a small recommendation.  If you are like me, you are looking for something that will be flattering and fun to wear, the cut is essential.  With a bodysuit, however, it seems a little different in that you need to account for how it fits across your chest and upper body as well as how it works down below.  In a way, it is both a t-shirt and underwear, and it is important that it feels good all across your body. I like something that feels snug all across my body, but also supportive and contained.

And like everything I’ve tried from Ace + Indigo, I totally love the fabric!  The modal is so smooth, soft, and delicate. The small amount of elastane blended in gives the bodysuit a great stretch, and a really comfortable and flattering form-fitting look. I recommend you all give it a try, and also hope that Ace + Indigo will consider designing a thong bodysuit – if they do it will definitely be on my wish list!

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I’ve been wearing bodysuits and have recently started wearing more the bodysuits with the snap crotch. I like them alittle tight and the snaps are no problem to get to work. I have no problem with the snaps between the legs. I wear bodysuits 24/7.

PETER Bee April 02, 2021

Agree as well. Finally a men’s body suit that doesn’t have a deep scoop front and is more standard tank front. I’d most definitely get a thong version. Also I’d love a longer leg boxer brief version

Bill P. August 03, 2020

I agree.. I’ve been wanting to try these bodysuits as well but I’m holding out for a thong version if it’s made. I’ll be the first buyer!

James B April 25, 2020

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